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Crying and Laundry in India

Have you ever washed your own clothes? Yes, right? Nope. WRONG. You haven’t. You haven’t truly washed your own clothing until you’ve scrubbed your clothes, by hand, in a bucket!

Chasing a Dream

Just this past Christmas my sister gave me a journal titled “Zen as F*ck”. It’s a small journal with 128 pages of coloring, writing, expressing, releasing negative emotions and even negative people in your life.

Babu Asks, “Mam, Why You Think?”

My last full day in India. My driver Babu and I left Jaipur about an hour ago headed for Delhi. Delhi is where it all started on November 1st, thirty four days ago.

Last Day in Rishikesh, India

As I sit here on this balcony sipping a coconut milk decaf cappuccino and eating an eggless chocolate mousse cup, I can’t believe this is the last day. It’s been a long month.

Day 2 Rishikesh, India – Seek and You Shall Find

I hope you read “Running Scared” about my first day here in India. If you did you would know I was missing some essential items. I needed to get a few of these items to make me “happy”. I needed these to allow myself to get my head on straight and hopefully start sinking into this experience.

Day 1 Rishikesh, India – Running Scared

RUN! What the F did I do!? What was I thinking!? We pulled up to the hotel and my stomach sank. Shit! Holy shit! Holy shit shit! I had done lots of research before coming, so I thought.

“The Fat Girl Was Taking Too Long”

My kryptonite. Hearing someone comment on other peoples weight it super upsetting to me. Immediately my mind starts on spin cycle.

The Mountains Will Always Be There!

You know those days you just don’t want to, well, anything? That was my day. Right when I opened my eyes I knew I didn’t want to do anything, never mind go for 10 mile a hike. I didn’t feel right.

Joy Quest With The Hopi Tribe

During my excursion to Arizona I made it a point to visit the Hopi Reservation. The Hopi (peaceful ones) people have the longest authenticated history of occupation of a single area by any Native American tribe in the United States.

The Barbed Wire Fence – Glastonbury, UK

Every day while in Glastonbury I made the 2-mile trek over to the Tor. It’s been said that the veil is thin at the top of this hill. It’s where your finite nature meets our infinite nature.

The Logan Airport Realization

Today my alarm clock sounded at 3:30AM. I haven’t been up this early since a work trip with my previous employer.