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Are you a slave to your fridge?

Are you constantly putting yourself down? 

Would you do anything for a better body but never reach your goals?

Feel amazing about yourself and your body without spending months counting calories!

  • STOP feeling uncomfortable in your own skin by learning these life changing tools + techniques 
  • STOP the endless cycle of fad dieting systems, instead learn how to have a healthy relationship with food 
  • STOP stress eating and gaining weight by completing this step-by-step personal guide
  • STOP tracking and counting calories and still get to your goal weight
  • STOP feeling crappy about yourself and learn how to love and accept yourself as you are
  • STOP anxiety and depression with our signature tools + techniques to show you how

what you'll get:

  • Step 1 - Discover YOUR personal eating cycles 
  • Step 2 - UNDERSTAND stress-related eating
  • Step 3 - Get CONTROL of your eating habits
  • Step 4 - UNDERSTAND what mindful eating is
  • Step 5 - IMPROVE your digestion system
  • Step 6 - LEARN how to accept yourself as is 
  • Step 7 - BETTER health for your entire body  
  • Step 8 - LOSE weight without even trying  

Start your new journey TODAY!

Claim the life you DESIRE and DESERVE! 

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The Daily Creator

The smallest goals will create a huge impact in your life. Having a simple plan, and sticking to it, will change not only your daily outlook but your overall health and wellbeing. Imagine if you checked these boxes every. single. day. What would happen? How would your life change? Ready to find out!? Let's do it!

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Fully Protected by Our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing blueprint and step-by-step guide, you can get a full refund anytime within 15 days after your purchase. If you don't find out something new about yourself and haven't found any improvement, just send us an email. We'll refund your money, no problem! 

What people are saying:



"I have become a happier person!"

Erica at Joy Quest has helped me to see the world in a different way. I have learned better ways to manage my anxiety that are productive and healthy.

I have become a happier and more positive person with a better outlook on life thanks to her! I couldn't recommend her more!


Happy Customer!

"Most of my fears were nothing to fear at all!"

Erica has helped me to recognize my fears and to realize what an emotional toll it is to carry them around on a daily basis. She helped me to work through the process of breaking each fear down which shed light on the fact that most of my fears were nothing to fear at all!


Go Getter!

"I have found joy in life again!"

Erica has made such an impact on me at a pivotal time in my life and I know I will take her advice with me years from now. I have found the joy in my life again working through my personal challenges with her help. Erica embodies love, patience, acceptance and provides powerful advice which has changed my perception and thinking.

About Joy Quest 

People search far and wide, some travel the whole planet, for the enlightened feeling of PURE JOY. Sadly, they never come to find it because it can only be found from within. Joy can only be found inside our bodies, our minds, our spirit and our hearts. At Joy Quest, we search to find the joy that’s already living inside of you. We dig down deep to remove the road blocks and barriers, you’ve so diligently placed, in the way of becoming your best you. With guided discussions, writing exercises, self-love and a little bit of persistence, we’ll get you onto your own personal JOY QUEST before you know it!

Hi! I'm Erica!

I'd like to introduce myself to you! My name is Erica and I'm a professional health and wellness coach and counselor who graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I'm known for guiding individuals through self-sabotage, food addictions, anxiety, depression, addictions such as alcohol and overall health concerns through one-on-one counseling, workshops and women’s wellness retreats.

My whole life I suffered with eating disorders. 23 years to be exact. My life revolved around food. If I wasn't eating food I was thinking about food. I'd obsess about it constantly. I can remember when it started. I was a teenager, starving myself so I wouldn't gain a pound. But even more important, I remember the day it all ended. The day the obsession, pain, thoughts, beliefs, were removed from my life! This is WHY I created The Joy Quest Blueprint to share my learnings and how to share this gift with other women. I need to share this with every woman possible who is looking for answers.


Joy Quest