Every day while in Glastonbury I made the 2-mile trek over to the Tor. It’s been said that the veil is thin at the top of this hill. It’s where your finite nature meets our infinite nature. You’re able to connect on another level. I didn’t want to miss out on this experience so off I went.

While traveling this path daily I walked past open fields, blossoming pastures, ancient oak trees, baby lambs, humongous cows and also lots of barbed wire fencing. The barbed wire got my mind cooking. How the heck does barbed wire actually keep animals in!? These animals are huge! They are so much stronger than this dinky fence. A cow or horse could plow through these things instantly. Then it hit me. THEY’VE BEEN HARMED IN THE PAST.

Through their lives, they’ve encountered this barb wire fence, surely not on friendly occasions. They’ve been scrapped, scratched, bruised and bloodied by this fence. Their flesh has been torn to the bone on some occasions. They have been “taught” through their lives to avoid this fence. By no means do they want anything to do with this fence.

Then it occurred to me, this is our everyday human life. We get small scrapes and bruises daily. Family members harm us, colleagues make mean comments, someone pushes you out of the way to get in line before you, our children hurt us, the list goes on and on. What we need to remember is WE ARE STRINGER THAN THAT FENCE! We can barge through that fence at any point. Hell, we can jump over the damn thing! We just need to make a conscious effort to remind ourselves we are SO STRONG and some stupid little fence isn’t going to hold us back! ❤ Erica