The Joy Quest



Now is the time!

2020 is almost behind us and we're on to 2021!

It’s time for you to treat yourself, your mind and your body, with love and compassion.

Jump-Start January 2021!

The Joy Quest Jump-Start is meant for women who are ready to make some real and impactful changes in 2021. If you’re seeking a healthier lifestyle, a food program that's easy to follow, to be surrounded by other beautiful women, a desire to live your life without stress and anxiety, learn simple daily practices you can sustain, lasting weight loss without food demons, then you’re in the right place and we're here for YOU!

4 Consecutive Weeks of Zoom Parties!


Tuesday the 5th 7:30-8:30 PM

*Warm Welcome

*The Joy Quest Declaration 

*Setting your personal goals

*Communicate monthly food plan. Discuss daily vegetable, fruit, water, and sugar intake amounts.



Tuesday the 12th 7:30-8:30 PM

*Discuss why meditation is important in your life

*How to meditate. If you already know how to meditate I would love your input/share as well! 


Tuesday the 19th 7:30-8:30 PM

*10-minute opening meditation

*What worked, what didn't

*Discuss/share your 2020 wins


Tuesday the 26th 7:30-8:30 PM

*10-minute opening meditation 

*Discuss/share your vision boards for 2021

*Success for the future 

  • 33 Different Documents!
  • Shopping List
  • Food Tracker
  • Mindful Eating Affirmation
  • Motivational Poster
  • Hunger Scale
  • Intuitive Eating 101
  • Daily Reflection
  • Vision Board Worksheet
  • Daily Life Journal
  • Self-Care Worksheet
  • Daily Affirmations
  • Meal Planner
  • How To Manifest Your Dream Life
  • List Of Attractions Worksheet
  • Mood Tracker
  • My Best Self Worksheet
  • Soulmate Manifestation Prompts
  • Money Mantra Poster
  • Reflection Manifestation Journal
  • Raise Your Vibration Checklist
  • Anxiety Vs. Truth
  • Weekly Affirmations
  • My Not-To-Do List
  • Monthly Goal Tracker

$50 Value 1-on-1 Clarity Session! 

A clarity session is a 15-minute session focused on you and what you desire! Towards the end of this 4-weeks adventure, you'll have an opportunity to schedule a 1-on-1 with Erica to discuss your wins, ask any questions you may have, and set yourself up for success in the future. 

Hike a 4,000 Foot Mountain in N.H. in the Winter

This is certainly not for everyone, which is why it's a bonus, but if you've wanted to tackle this goal but didn't know where to start, then now is your chance! Weather permitting, date is scheduled for 1/23. Weather reschedule date 1/30. There is NO pressure to join in on this event.

Create A Healthy Mindset

Having a healthy mindset is imperative to a fulfilling life. If you don't have a healthy mindset, you're doomed. Truth! We'll show you ways to start manifesting and incorporating simple tools to create the life you desire. 

Weight Loss is Not Willpower

Count calories right? Wrong! Before you're ever going to lose a single pound you need to like (gosh forbid LOVE) yourself first. We're going to teach you how to do that! 

Rid Anxiety and Depression

Stop letting anxiety and depression control your mind and wellbeing! We'll show you the steps to start taking control of your life and stop letting anxiety and depression control it. 

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you know most people cause their own stress? Yup, it's true! By identifying the ways you cause self-sabotage and stress in your life, you're able to start doing the corrective measures to overcome these life challenging moments.  

What we do!

Empower women to look within themselves, to find what's always been there, waiting to flourish and conquer the world.”

your personal nutrition and wellbeing experts

At Joy Quest we focus on both nutrition and the wellbeing of our clients. Wellbeing means good lifestyle choices which include physical activity, personal mindset, meditation and a balanced lifestyle. All of these combined will create joy and wellbeing in your life.

Nutrition is an integral part of having a healthy body and properly functioning mind. Having the right nutrients in your body will ward off infectious disease and chronic illnesses. Eating a variety of food groups, along with multiple colors of foods, will keep you feeling and looking great for years to come.

What Our Incredible Clients Say!


I have learned better ways to manage my anxiety that are productive and healthy.

I have become a happier and more positive person with a better outlook on life thanks to Erica!


 / Rock Star Client


I would absolutely recommend Erica to anyone who feels like they're not living up to their potential and feel like they just need a little guidance to help their light shine brighter.


/ Kick Butt Client


Erica has made such an impact on me at a pivotal time in my life. Erica embodies love, patience, acceptance and provides powerful advice which has changed my perception and thinking. 


/ Achieving Client

So, What's INCLUDED??

A SIMPLE food plan!

A food plan that's very easy to follow. No counting calories, no measuring, no fuss,

and most importantly no failure!! 

Create a 2021 vision board!

Dare to dream. Dare to put your desires on paper. Dare to share it with other women and be SEEN. 

Learn WHY meditation is so important and HOW to actually do it!

Meditation is not hard. It's called "meditation practice" for a reason. Stop putting off meditation in your life! 

Reflect on 2020

Yes, 2020 was a very hard year for a lot of people BUT everyone had wins in 2020 as well.

We will celebrate where you shined and what you achieved.

Create your own 2021 personal goals

We can't set goals for you. It's about what you desire in the future and how you're going to achieve those goals, and what you very much deserve! 

Create a 2021 vision board!

Pictures are worth 1000 words and psssst it's fun! 

Private Facebook Group

A sacred space... on Facebook? Your space is what you make of it. A place for us women to come together, ask questions, share recipes, learn from each other, share loving practices, and let's not forget, share frustrations!! 

4-weeks of Zoom calls for the month of January

Kick-off your year in the most positive way possible.

Weekly Handouts!

Each week we will supply you with the weekly learning sheets and your weekly homework. 

What Does This Investment in Myself Cost?

Your total investment to kick-start the year of 2021 is $129

But wait, I have questions!

Good! We hope so! 

Can I miss a week?

Yes. Life gets in the way but we do ask that you make this a priority for YOURSELF, not for us. 

We will record each session in case you have to miss a week.

You can then watch the replay at your convenience. 

I've never meditated. Can I join?

Absolutely!! Come with all your questions too! We'll show you the path.

I already know how to meditate. Will I be bored?

Silly, silly. If you meditate you already know we will be practicing forever. 

I've never used Zoom. Can I do it?

Heck yes! We will personally walk you through signing on to Zoom if you need.

I've never been in a group setting like this. I'm kinda nervous!

Well, that's not a question haha but we know this feeling comes up. At Joy Quest, we believe in the power of each other. The power that is accumulated when women gather. The power that comes when you hear other women share their struggles, experience, strength and hope! 

What if I don't like it?

We highly doubt it but if this were the case we will 100% refund your money!

What does it cost?

Your total investment to kick-start the year of 2021 the right way is $129

More questions? 

Email us anytime at

Hello! MY NAME IS...
Erica Sarcione

I'm a health and wellness coach who graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I'm known for guiding individuals through self-sabotage, anxiety, depression, addictions and overall health concerns through one-on-one counseling, workshops, and wellness retreats.

I overcame a lifetime of an unhealthy mindset around food and alcohol dependency. I found peace through wellness and healing practices such as yoga, mediation and multiple mindful methods. I now dedicate my work to helping women and teens overcome these similar concerns.

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Can't Wait to See You January 2021!!

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